When Pietro Scotti founded Riso Scotti in 1860 the company processed the cereal and sold it to third parties. In 1890 his son Ercole moved to Villanterio and two of his eight children, Angelo and Gaetano, would follow in his footsteps, working in rice shipping. The company developed to such an extent that it changed from an individual business to a de facto corporation, F.lli Scotti, and the original artisanal rice processing soon became industrialized. In 1953 Ferdinando Scotti, Angelo’s son, purchased an old rice-processing mill at Torretta a Pavia, refurbished it and transferred the head office from Villanterio to Pavia. Today, over 150 years later, Scotti SpA is the parent company of a team of high-tech rice businesses, some specializing in growing, research and experimentation, others in processing, transformation and sales. The product range includes various types of rice, rice flour pasta and bread, biscuits, patisserie, condiments, and vegetal drinks.

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