Rigoni was created after the World War 1 thanks to Elisa Antonini. After 80 years as a small beekeeping business on the Asiago upland, it became the largest bottler of organic Italian honey and one of the biggest names in the sector. In 1979 the business changed from processing the product to production itself, but the real turning point came in 1992 when Elisa’s grandchildren, Vittorio and Narcisio Rigoni, decided to produce organic honey in response to the products sold in Europe of Eastern origin. Monofloral honey from Italy’s best suited areas comes to the factory in barrels, emptied through a constant temperature-controlled system, and is meticulously analyzed in the laboratory. Rigoni lend their name to about 15 types of honey, from the classic chestnut, to less common fir, strawberry tree, and rhododendron as well as honey in a special squeezable bottle, jams, hazelnut spread and DolceDì, a dense sugar extracted from organic apples.

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