Giovanni Rana began working as a child in his family bakery but in 1961 he began his own production of tortellini, in a small production facility in San Giovanni Lupatoto, near Verona. At the beginning they were only made to order: the filling was prepared on Thursday, and the tortellini were made on Friday and Saturday, to be delivered on Sunday. In 1968 the first machine entered the production facility and in the 1970s a new phase began with a new factory: production was automated and distribution expanded and in the Eighties Pastificio Rana conquered the Italian market. In 1990 Rana was the testimonial for his advertising campaign, guaranteeing the quality of his products himself. The message made a good impression and won the trust of Italian and European consumers alike. The range now includes filled pasta (the latest is Duetto, with two different fillings), long pasta, lasagne sheets, durum wheat pasta, gnocchi (also filled), pasta bases and fresh sauces. The brand is famous around the world.

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