Principe di San Daniele has been a leader in the quality cured meats sector for over 70 years, combining tradition and advanced production technology. The company was founded by and has always been the property of the Dukcevich family, who also own the prosciutto company King’s in Sossano, near Vicenza. Besides being the top producer of Prosciutto di San Daniele DOP among the 30 members of the consortium, Principe also offers a wide range of traditional salumi, or cured meats. The acorn logo can be found on DOP prosciutto crudo, aged prosciutto and cured ham, prosciutto Praga, würstel, pancetta, bresaola, speck, mortadella, salami and other specialties. The company’s wide-ranging,  quality offerings also include a number of pre-sliced products, some of which are in gluten-free versions.

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