Given its achievements, Paoletti, founded by Enrico Paoletti in the early 1900s, can be considered as one of Italy’s most notable historic businesses. For more than four generations the family has persevered in their quest for quality, pouring their energy into identifying the best ingredients and carefully controlling production, while seeing to it that their equipment and facilities are upgraded and modern. And considering a new thirst for traditional, Italian beverages, a host of classics are being reborn: the Bitter, the Gassosa (the absolute first to be produced) and the Spuma, not to mention the drink that has become an icon of the producer (also thanks to its flashy design), the Frizzatina. Of course we shouldn’t forget about the Tonica, the Cedrata, the Limonata, Aranciata and the Pompelmo, all drinks that are available in single bottles, both plastic and glass.

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