Paluani got its start in 1921 making naturally leavened baked goods (back then they called themselves ‘Prodotti Paluani’). In 1968, they got their big break when two families decided to invest in the business, bringing new technology and research and enlarging their product line to include chocolate, using only Italian ingredients. They were the first in the industry to be certified GMO free. More certifications followed, testifying to their commitment to protect consumer interests. Paulani are famous for their seasonal Christmas and Easter sweets, and rightly so. In fact their selection of panettoni, pandori, colombe Easter cakes, agnelli and chocolate eggs is formidable (there are classic varieties, as well as those with certified Piedmont hazelnut, with chocolate, without candies, filled with different types of creams, organic etc.) There are also cakes, sweet snacks and chocolate bars (milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and hazelnut).

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