Molino Quaglia

For more than four generations, Qualia has been working to produce top-quality flours using 100% Italian grain. Their success has been well deserved. There are two brands, Petra (started in 2007, these are sustainably farmed, soft wheat flours that are ground by stone) and Molino Quaglia, both of which offer a variety of different flours, all suitable for different types of situations and foods, from bread to sweets, from pasta to pizza to batters. There are spelt and whole spelt flours, buckwheat, rye, corn, chickpea and pea flours. They offer more than one type of gluten-free flour, as well as flaxseed, oatmeal, bran etc. Flours are ground in such a way as to protect the nutritional value of the original grain, they are then given a number, so as to identify their unique characteristics and their direct connection to the mill. Qualia organize cooking, baking, bread and pizza making courses at their school, Scuola del Molino (www.lascuoladelmolino.com), though other sites are available as well.

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