In 1945 Angelo Molinari launched Sambuca Extra Molinari on the market, beginning with just a few bottles. By 1959 the first semi-industrial plant opened the way for others. The boom of Sambuca Molinari came between the 1950s and 1960s in the Rome of the ?Dolce Vita?. In 1971 it was selling three million bottles, and more than double in 2001. In the collective imagination Molinari is synonymous with sambuca. The classic version is joined by a coffee version with top secret ingredients. The range includes Limoncello di Capri (no flavourings or preservatives) and Elisir Gambrinus, a unique liqueur with over 165 years of history. In 2012 Molinari purchased Distilleria Giacomo Ceschi, the oldest in Friuli, and the Vov brand.

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