Mangiarsano Germinal got their start in Brescia in 1981 but currently operate out of Veneto. The group, who sell organic and health products, strive to uphold quality standards while respecting the environment. Their 12,000 square meter facility houses two product lines, comprising the group’s five brands. The first is Germinal Bio (, various organic and health foods, including products for those who have special allergies and intolerances. The second is Gaia Bio Alimenti, organic products made from select, alternative grains. Then there’s Bio Bimbo and Bio Junior (, which, as you might have guessed, deal mostly in organic products for babies and children. Next there’s Mangiarsano and, last but not least, Zizzola ( which deals in sweets made according to ancient Venetian recipes like, for example, the torta fregolotta.

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