In 1925 Alfons Loacker founded a small, artisanal bakery to serve his community. Today the company is among the most famous in Italy and has earned worldwide recognition. Despite the heights it has reached, Loacker refuses to rest on its laurels. Research and development are constant, as is their emphasis on regular quality controls and taking advantage of the latest, best technology. Only quality, select ingredients are used, and artificial coloring, conservatives, and hydrogenated fats are all absolutely prohibited. The wafer, in all its infinite varieties, reigns supreme here. Thanks to its flavor, the way it crumbles and crunches, its creaminess (when filled), this is the product for which Loacker is probably most famous. It comes in all shapes and sizes, including ‘mini’ and ‘maxi’, and flavors like the hazelnut ‘Napolitaner alla nocciola’, lemon, vanilla, coconut, milk and cocoa as well as different coatings. Their Gran Pasticceria line features irresistible cakes in several varieties and don’t forget about their original pralines, snacks and bars.

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