Leone was founded in 1857 in Alba (CN) by Luigi Leone. The sweets producer later transferred to Torino where, in 1934, it was taken over by the Monero family, who still manage it today. The family, who have taken pains to respect the culinary traditions of Piedmont, have succeeded in making the name Leone famous, primarily for the hundreds of varieties of sweet pastilles, easy to recognize in their classic box (we particularly appreciated their citrus ‘Tassoni’, classic ‘Violetta’, ‘Al Biscotto’, and chocolate cake varieties). There’s also their candies (which include particular flavors like sage, anise and cinnamon), fruit jelly drops (available in mint, anise, ‘gommose’ and sugar-free), various other drops, fondant candy, sugar-free and gluten-free varieties. Don’t forget about their extensive selection of chocolate (completely gluten-free and, in the case of their dark chocolate, also lactose-free): dark, milk, sugar-free, aromatized, in differents types of bars, balls and hazelnut/chocolate gianduiotti. Their metal cans make great collectable items. In 2018 the historic Piedmont brand was bought by Luca Barilla.

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