Le Conserve della Nonna

Founded in 1973, in the lush Modena countryside, Conserve della Nonna is a well-known brand of the Fini Group. The principles underlying their production approach are simple: only select products are used, all of which are ‘0 kilometer’ (from local orchards and farms); fruits and vegetables are only harvested when ripe, and then processed within 24 hours so as to guarantee their freshness and flavor. No additives or conservatives are used and cutting-edge technology sees to it that nutritional properties remain intact, along with color, flavor and texture. There are more than a hundred items to choose from: canned fruits, preserves, sauces, ragus, pestos, pickles and bottled vegetables, vegetable patés and creams. They also have certified organic products and have taken pains to respect the environment: the company installed enough solar cells to provide almost all their own energy needs.

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