This Treviso producer got its start in the early 20th century when Luigi Lazzaris, a pastry chef from Conegliano Veneto, began making a fragrant, sweet and spicy sauce by mixing sugar, quinces, candied fruit and mustard oil. It was a successful combination and popular enough to be met with acclaim at international culinary fairs. In 1992 the first facility for Venetian mustard and cotognata opened. Over time they were accompanied by a Cremona mustard (with pieces of candied fruit), Mantova (with pieces of apple) and vegetables. Their fruit sauces pair with cheeses and innovative products, meeting new market demands and consumer tastes. And so their ‘Speciali’ products came to be: figs, wild strawberries, wild berries, chestnuts, clementines, citron, pineapple and apricot (to mention their most delectable varieties). Fruit preserves are also offered, along with marmalades and organic sweet and spicy sauces.

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