At age 25 Luigi Lavazza left Monferrato and moved to Turin, never imagining that his name would one day be famous. In 1895 he took over a grocery shop and soon decided to focus on coffee, creating his own blend. In 1927 Lavazza became a limited company and production increased. In the 1950s the large coffee roasting industry began and the first, unforgettable advertising campaigns. The subsequent years were devoted to exports, to conquer foreign markets. Today Lavazza is represented in over 90 countries, covering the sector of coffee at home and outside the home and the Horeca channel, celebrating 120 years of business with commemorative 100% Arabica packs. The company holds about 8% of shares in Green Mountain Coffee Roaster Inc. (which works with the pod coffee machine section) and owns Ercom Spa, leader of the Italian sector for top range hot drinks and preparations for sorbets and ice cream, with products sold under the Eraclea, Dulcimea and Whittington brands.

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