La Fiammante is the flagship brand of ICAB (Industria Conserve Alimentari Buccino), the food giant that also distributes La Paesana dei fratelli Paudice and La Reale. The producer is founded on the principles of careful selection of ingredients, constant monitoring of terrain and plants, and the continual updating of technology, all of which guarantee that the consumer is getting the best possible product. Tomatoes reign supreme, with an array of sauces (there’s also organic and with basil), peeled varieties (including the prized San Marzano PDO), finely chopped (pure organic). Their sweet, fragrant cherry tomatoes are perfect for gourmet meals and deserve a special mention, as do their Piennolo PDO tomato products, datterini (red and yellow), Corbarini tomatoes, cherry tomatoes ‘a pacchetelle’ (red and yellow). And don’t forget about their canned and bottled vegetables (mushrooms, peppers, artichokes and friarielli), corn and legumes (beans, peas, chickpeas and lentils).

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