Founded in 1976 by the Pessot-de Colò family, Jolanda de Colò has always had a gift for traditional Friuli foods and specialty goose-based food products. Currently they’re among the most important national producers when it comes to premium goods, with a range of more than 2,000 foods and outstanding gastronomic specialties, more than 21 million sales in 2018, export to 15 countries and about 5,000 clients. They produce raw and cooked charcuterie, including meats with the prized mangalitsa swine, foie gras and other specialty goose items from select Hungarian breeders, smoked salmon and meats either marinated, smoked or cooked confit. They also select and sell specialties such as white and red meats, game, cheeses, fish, shellfish, oysters and chocolate (Cluizel). At the end of 2019 Marr, a national leader in the marketing and distributing of food goods to restaurants and catering businesses (and a member of the Cremonini group) became a major shareholder, taking over 34% of Jolanda de Colò’s stock.

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