Italia Alimentari is famous in the Italian food industry as a charcuterie specialist. It was created in 2012 by the merger of Gruppo Cremonini and Montana Alimentari, and also includes classic brands Cortebuona, Ibis, Montana and Manzotin. Ibis, in the group since 2002, covers the whole Italian charcuterie panorama, and the feathers in its cap include PDO culatello di Zibello, cooked culatello, and Grand Ducato mortadella. The meat for the PDO charcuterie and the more prestigious lines derive from heavy pigs from Prosciutto di Parma breeders. Cortebuona, created in the early Nineties, works at four different plants: Bussetto (Parma), Gazoldo degli Ippoliti (Mantua), Paliano (Frosinone), and Postalesio (Sondrio), each concerned with different types of pressed meat. The pork comes from Italian breeders connected to the leading national PDO for prosciutto crudo. The company specializes in culatta and culatello. Montana, founded in 1953, was the first Italian company to produce tinned meat and gradually increased the number of production plants and the range, with tinned, fresh and frozen meats.

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