The company, an Italian leader in the production and distribution of savoury snacks, was founded in 1949 by Carlo Finestauri. He began with artisanal production of potato crisps using methods he had learned in the US. The secret of the company’s success has always been attributable to the quality of raw materials used: selected potatoes and only the best sunflower and extra virgin olive oils, with a little salt. Strict quality controls do the rest to ensure only safe products reach the market. With over 60 years of experience, today Ica Foods is present in over 25 countries worldwide. It owns the trademarks Crik Crok (under which they market traditional and special gluten-free crisps and snacks); Puff (famous for cheese-flavoured corn puffs); Le Contadine (specializing in rustic extra virgin olive oil crisps, sweets, biscuits and baked products like croutons, melba toasts, sliced bread); Bliz (a line of sweets like liquorice and gums; and savoury dried fruit and nachos).

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