Grondona is a historic, family-run baker with decades of experience in the industry. Here they’ve made it clear that traditional Genoese food reigns supreme, with ancient recipes that continue to get passed down from one generation to the next. Their dough is made with natural yeast starters, kept ‘alive’ thanks to a tried and true daily ritual. Ingredients are chosen only after a careful selection process, from flour to butter to dried and candied fruit to natural flavoring (orange flower, lemon juice, Madagascar vanilla). Artificial coloring, conservatives and flavors are prohibited. Their Biscotto Lagaccio Antica Genova is their crown jewel (available in a more decadent variety with chocolate chips), followed by their ‘corleggeri’ (available with or without sugar), canestrelli, gallette 1803 and ciambellone (Italian donuts). Other sweet specialities include pandolcini, moretti cookies, baci di dama and cantucci. During the holidays, don’t miss out on their traditional pandolce with raisins, fruit and dried fruit.

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