Gelmini was founded in the late 19th century in Besate, a town situated on the banks of the Ticino river, surrounded by once navigable canals. Thanks to the use of hydraulic resources and the building of artificial canals the production of gorgonzola was able to establish itself in the mid-1800s. During these boom years Carlo Gelmini, an expert in the king of blue cheeses, managed to transform his family’s small artisanal activity into a proper industry, today a leader in PDO gorgonzola and established on global markets. At one time they had two production facilities, one in Besate for the processing of milk and the production of cheese, and one in Novara for aging. In 2004, in addition to their plant in Besate, they created a new site equipped with the latest technology for ripening their products. Today they’re being led by the third generation of family, producing various types of gorgonzola, both sweet & creamy and spicy (their Five Star line represents their top-of-the-range products), taleggio and mascarpone.

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