The Galup brand has become synonymous with panettone. Founded in 1922 by Pietro Ferrua and his wife Regina when they took over an old bakery in the Pinerolo town center, in 1948 it became a full-fledged producer specialized in traditional Italian Christmas baked goods. Their high-quality standards are made possible thanks to the ingredients used (natural starters, eggs from ground-raised hens, GPI Piemonte hazelnuts etc.) and their production approach. Galup has made a name for itself with a panettone that’s different from Milan’s high and unglazed version, following through on Pietro Ferrua’s idea to offer a shorter version coated in a hazelnut glaze. And that’s how Galup came to be, a new classic of Piedmont’s high pastry tradition. In addition to a traditional panettone with raisins and candied fruit, they offer varieties like the colomba Galup, creations with chocolate, chestnut glaze (made with Cuneese chestnuts), regional specialities and panettoni for the health conscientious: whole grain, organic and white without added sugar.

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