Galbani is an larger-than-life company, which opened in 1880, when Egidio Galbani started to produce cheese with the intention of competing with the French. Robiola Galbani was then launched and was a great success, its fame crossing national boundaries. Bel Paese, a raw-paste cheese was next, in 1906, and also destined for international acclaim. In the 1920s the company grew, adding several factories and modern technologies. In 1928 the production of processed cheese began, using an innovative procedure for Italian industry. During the 1930s it was the turn of Certosa and Certosino. Galbani expanded abroad in the 1950s, with branches and stores in 52 countries. In the 1980s a pressed meat facility opened in Melzo, for production of Galbani gluten-free items without added polyphosphates and milk derivatives, with the two flagships salame Galbanetto and Galbacotto cooked ham. In 2006 the Galbani brand is part of the Lactalis group.

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