Franchi was founded in 1924 in Grignasco (upper Valsesia) by Francesco Franchi. In 1964 it moved headquarters, opening a new plant in Borgosesia (expanded to more than 20,000 square meters in 1977). In 1997 their ‘Senz’Altro’ line launched, an innovative initiative that includes products without gluten, casein, glutamate, polyphosphates or vegetable proteins, and in 2007 they began making their cold cuts available in clear plastic containers. A variety of charcuterie are offered (including PDO cacciatore, PGI Piemonte and ham), prosciutto crudo, mortadella, bresaola, speck, PGI coppa di Parma, bacon, traditional Valsesia salamis like mocetta and lard with aromatic herbs. But it’s their high-quality ham that truly shines, in particular ‘Il Coscio’, a meat tied by hand that stands out for its flavor, signature aromas, and soft, juicy texture.

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