Born as a Castelfranco bakery in 1932, the tradition it initiated endures today. Bread, but also many sweet specialities. A second bakery opened soon after, in Borgo Pieve, for focaccia and panettone. Despite the years that have passed, quality and craftsmanship have remained intact. In the 1970s the current Fraccaro Spumadoro Spa opened and the company gradually became green, then greener, thanks to the use of renewable and recyclable packaging. The cornerstones of the entire product line, including an organic selection, are the sourdough and the slow proving: from festive cakes (panettone is still made with spelt flour) to various others, some traditional, others less so. The recipe of Aroma Spumadoro, a mixture of citrus oils and water-based essences, dates back to 1940 and is used to prepare focaccia, fluffy cakes, snacks and much more.

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