Formec Biffi markets 95 products under 1,600 labels. A multitude of goodness for a company that is the result of Pietro Casella’s entrepreneurial skills. Formec Biffi opened in the late 1960s, at San Rocco al Porto, near Milan, with two brands: Biffi and La Gaia. It grew its success over the years thanks to continuous investment in research. Everything began with mayonnaise, a product the founder was targeting before it was popular and when ready foods were an exception in Italy. La Gaia, Italy’s leading producer of sauces, makes ketchup, mustard, pesto, sauces and creams, while Biffi (opened in 1852, in Milan, and acquired in the 1990s) produces pastries and coffee, fruit relish, mayonnaise, fresh sauces and condiments. The latest addition is the line of vegetable sauces. Top raw materials and attention to manufacturing processes are the company’s strengths.

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