An unwavering attention to quality and respect for tradition have been at the heart of this producer’s philosophy since Augusto Fieschi founded it in 1867. Mostarda is their core product. The perfect accompaniment for stewed meats, it’s made according to an old recipe that requires fruit to be harvested at the right moment, then candied and immersed in an sweet syrup infused with mustard seed oil. Their product line also includes spicy fruit sauces, produce bottled in oil and fruit preserves. Their nougat, made with select almond and honey, deserves a special mention (there’s also a chocolate and coffee variety, as well as a nougat cake). Then there’s the ‘cotognata’ made with 70% quince (excellect with cheeses), their sweet cream spreads, fruit preserves, pralines, drageés, the sbrisolona (a local treat), hazelnut cakes and, during the seasons, panettone and pandoro.

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