Since 1947, generations of Raimondi family have made sure that the name Raimondi means mortadella, the traditional Italian lunch meat from Emilia Romagna. At their plant in Zola Predosa Felsineo they produce only that, though in a number of varieties, including the excellent Bologna PGI (about a third of the entire PGI on the market, making it the leading brand in Italy by far). There’s the Sciccosa, which comes wrapped in a dark skin, the Sincera, suitable for those with gluten or lactose intolerances, the Nera, seasoned with pieces of black truffle, the Rossa, flavored with peperoncino chili, the Rustica, with pieces of prosciutto, and much more. The list of ingredients is short: lean pork shoulder, pork fat, tripe, garlic, salt, pepper and conservatives. With its warm pink color, its compact texture, the pleasingly occasional chunk of meat and odd piece of fat, their mortadella is the result of tried and true recipes and techniques. Digestibility is a main priority, and they’re determined to seek out new ways to please consumer expectations without compromising flavor and quality.

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