Here in the green countryside of Meilogu, Sassari, during the 1920s, the Pinna family started making and selling cheese, founding what has since become one of the most important producers in the region. Now the third generation are carrying on the tradition, processing about 260,000 liters of milk a day with cutting-edge equipment and skilled craftsmanship. Despite such a high production volume, quality standards are never compromised. Their two product lines feature cheeses like the Pecorino Sardo PDO (both sweet and aged), Fiore Sardo PDO and the Pecorino Romano PDO. Then there’s their Brigante, an excellent fresh pecorino that’s available in a number of varieties (lactose-free, with peperoncino chilli, black pepper and rosemary). They also make ricotta (their smoked ricotta is outstanding), caprini Goat cheese and pecorinos of varying ages.

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