The head office is at Trezzo sull’Adda while about 20 plants specializing in various charcuterie products are scattered across northern Italy. The story of Beretta pressed meats began at Barzanò Brianza, Lecco, in 1812, and the reins of the company are still held by the same family although the charcuterie business became a joint stock company in 1975. The meat derives from the Prosciutto di Parma circuit and is matured in temperature-controlled chambers and natural cellars. In the 1970s the range expanded to include Wüber frankfurters. In the late 1980s Beretta purchased the Salumificio Brianteo and Cim, both specializing in PDO Parma products, also taking a share in San Carlo (Piacenza charcuterie) and Del Zoppo (bresaola), as well as launching a new venture with French giant Fleury Michon, to form Piatti Freschi Italia. In 2012 they bought Framon, Creuses and Carpegna Prosciutti. Other plants were opened in China, California and New Jersey.

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