Gianluca Franzoni (also known as Mack Domori), founder and president of Domori, is a true champion of chocolate culture. He is the first producer in Italy to oversee every stage of chocolate production from start to finish, starting with his own plantation, the Hacienda San José, in Venezuela. From there, dozens of varieties of aromatic cocoa are shipped to his facility near Turin, where they are processed using systems designed to respect each cocoa’s specific sensorial qualities, in the fewest possible cycles and low temperatures. And from there, it’s all about what doesn’t happen: no vanilla, cocoa butter or soy lecithin. Just cocoa and cane sugar. The producer, now part of the Illy group, targets purists, especially their Single Origins and Criollo lines. We recommend their Porcelana, Canoabo and Chuao. Their cream spreads are deliciously enticing, as are their chocolate bars with hazelnuts (obviously certified Tonda Gentile Piemonte PGI).

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