Dok Dall’Ava represents a benchmark not only for niche San Daniele PDO prosciutto, but also for cured meats made with rustic hogs. Thanks to careful selection of the thighs, extensive experience, a personal style and continued research, they offer a number of high-quality products. In addition to their San Daniele PDO Numerodieci and excellent smoked ham, they produce a prosciutto aged for 24 months that features impressive aromatic impact and flavor. Their Hundok (made with Mangalica swine) is one example, as is their Nebrodok (black Nebrodi swine), Basidok (black Lucano), and Patadok (black Iberico). Dok Dall’Ava is also involved in the ‘Banca del prosciutto’, a growing project that’s open to prosciuttos the world over, like Noir de Bigorre and Istriano. Recently a majority share was purchased by the French agro-food group Ca Animation (who deal in charcuterie and other traditional northern European specialities) with the purpose of bringing it further international attention.

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