While the company founded by Francesco Divella way back in 1890 has evolved and developed over time, it’s also managed to stay true to a few important principles: constant quality controls, careful selection of ingredients, the use of the best modern technology, attention to consumer health and safety and, last but not least, respect for the environment and social responsibility. They offer a vast selection of products, starting with a host of classic dried pasta varieties. Then there is their line of bronze wire-drawn pasta, their speciality pasta brand (including traditional regional pastas like orecchiette), egg noodles and rice. And they’ve got plenty of toppings to go with all that pasta: peeled and sliced tomato sauce, ready-made sauces, canned beans, balsamic vinegar and extra-virgin olive oil. There’s also a product line for making breads and pastries, a variety of flour, biscotti, snacks and breakfast snacks and hazelnut cream spread.

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