Distillerie F.lli Francoli

Head of the family Luigi Guglielmo Francoli performed his first experiment with a rudimentary alembic still in 1875 at Campodolcino in the province of Sondrio. It was 20 years later that his children created Distilleria F.lli Francoli and the passion for distilling remained in the family until 1951 when Distilleria Luigi Francoli was created by one of Luigi Guglielmo’s descendants. Here the best grappas in the area were bottled and sold. In 1999 Grappa Luigi Francoli was released and is the original line (including the commemorative stravecchia in a limited edition) alongside Sorsi di Luce, the Premium range and black grape marc grappa (up to 50°). In 2006, the business joined the Impatto Zero environmental project.

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