Distilleria Romano Levi

Romano lost his father and five years of age and his mother at 17, after which he began distilling liqueurs with his sister Lidia, drawing on the family’s ancient tradition. This was to be his life’s work. In the 1970s he became famous thanks to Veronelli, who named him “the angelic grappa producer”. Inside his distillery is the same artisan equipment with a discontinuous alembic still working on direct heat, so that only small quantities of product are distilled. The labels of his bottles are very famous for being designed by his own hand: the best known of his subjects is the wild woman. His grappas are still made from the marc of great DOC and DOCG wines of Piedmont, and there is also Grappa Gentile alla Camomilla (by Lidia and Romano Levi), the classic grappas, collection items in limited editions, and riservas. The Levi house-distillery is a living, productive grappa museum, an island in time where Romano’s genius hovers above.

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