Delicius Rizzoli

Delicius Rizzoli, which got its start in Parma in 1974, is a leader in the field of canned fish. Over the course of its more than 40 years of operations, Delicius has managed to achieve an important position in the market, as well as expand the selection of products offered. Thanks to their multi-plant strategy, the producer has facilities in five Mediterranean countries, and the scale of operations is global, assuring them a presence in those locations where fish are first caught, then selected and controlled. Their selection of products includes anchovies, tuna, mackerel and sardines, all preserved in pull-tab aluminium cans. There’s also a top-of-the-range line in glass jars and organic products, as well. Here, tradition goes hand-in-hand with innovation. Indeed, over the years, they’ve also introduced more creative products, like the Alici Double (a rich anchovy paste), grilled mackerel and sardines, a line of products known as Fantasie, and a spicy selection. They also produce shrimp and clams in glass jars.

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