The company’s history began around 1875 when Virginio Curti set up the first refinery in Gemonio on the foothills of the Varese Pre-Alps. Not long after, the old rice processing systems began to be replaced with modern machinery, and this phase was completed in 1911. The War stopped production, but new plants appeared with the economic upturn. Curti was probably the leading Italian rice manufacturer with the most carefully selected growers, and in the 1970s already had five production plants. In 1987 the company was sold to Buitoni, which merged with Nestlé Italiana in 1992. Since 1996 they have invested in clean energy and also produce organic rice. Today the company controls Antica Riseria Campiverdi, Riso Ornati, Pigino, Riso Rolo and is part of the Euricom group. A wide range of different types of rice is accompanied by rice-based products (cereal crackers, also organic) and a line of ready-to-serve risottos.

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