Since 1783, the Pelino family have seen to it that their name means quality. The secret to this confectioner’s unrivaled success (international by now) lies in having the best ingredients (Avola almonds, Tonda Gentile hazelnuts, Belgian chocolate etc.), an artisanal approach and the carrying out of careful quality controls throughout all stages of production. The range of products offered is impressive: honey and hazelnut or almond candies, licorice candies, chocolate candies, cherry, orange, marzipan candies, not to mention their pralines, bon bons and fruit jelly drops (also available ‘confettata’) … a whole world of sweet goodness. If you happen to visit, don’t miss their museum (founded in 1988), where you can see, among other things, old equipment and candy making tools, antiques and rare objects having to do with the ancient art of confectionery.

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