Cascina San Cassiano

The Rossetto family have built Cascina San Cassiano drawing on an artisanal approach, experience and using high-quality Italian ingredients (except for Caribbean cane sugar), most of them PDO and PGI certified. The company, founded in the early 1990s, has evolved astonishingly fast. Their product line, some of which is currently seeing a packaging makeover, is staggering in terms of the variety of products offered, including an organic food selection. Featured products include fruit mostarda, wine and vinegar preserves, oil and vinegars, all types of pastas and rices, candies (available with stevia), canned fruit, sweets, products bottled in oil (including cheese and salami), sauces, creams, pestos, ragus, mayonnaise, truffle delicacies, aromatized butter, honeys with dried fruit and sweet cream spreads. Basically, there’s something for every moment of your day, from breakfast to an early evening snack, from lunch break to dinner.

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