In the heart of Valsassina, for more than half a century, Carozzi has been producing high-end cheeses with both an eye towards tradition and a sensitivity to today’s consumer tastes. Quality milk, favorable climate, experience, passion and care are all at the foundation of their products, which include a selection of rare, internationally recognized, award-winning cheeses. They also make various flavors of yogurt (with cow’s milk or goat’s milk), ricotta, stracchino (also available with goat’s milk), mozzarella, mascarpone, robiola and primo sale (cheese made with sheep’s milk). They have cheeses with ‘natural rinds’ (like ricciolo, montanara and fontal) as well as ‘washed rinds’ (Vaalassina ‘valunt’, crottino and salva cremasco), all the way up to their certified PDO line (Gorgonzola, Quartirolo and Taleggio, all available in different ages). To purchase or simply taste a sample of this veritable treasure trove, or for a meal or snack, check out la Formaggeria, a simple, cozy shop and eatery that’s open all day.

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