CAO is a cooperative of sheep farmers founded in 1966 (the initials stand for Cooperativa Allevatori Ovini) that today boasts about 700 members (including president Renato Illotto). Thanks to their efforts, CAO is a model of sustainability and quality. More than 26 million litres of milk, all produced on trusted local farms, undergo rigorous controls. The milk is then processed with care and respect for environmental impact, with the help of modern facilities. Pecorino PDO, both Roman and Sardo, is their pride and joy. The cheese is available in different ages and sizes (their bocconcini make convenient, bite-sized snacks). They also offer enticing, naturally flavored varieties: truffle, spicy peperoncino chili, myrtle and black pepper. In addition to soft and aged pecorino, they offer light and salted ricotta and pecorino cream (extremely versatile in the kitchen). Their high-end line, Pastore Sardo, features the bold and tangy Gran Riserva, which is aged for at least three months.

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