This family-run business (est. 1854), still upholds a centuries-old tradition of processing and transforming seafood. But there’s a lot more to Campisi than that. Their product line can be divided into six categories: blue, azure, yellow, green, bordeaux and orange. The bulk of their products are made with tuna, available in different cuts and sizes: ventresca or tarantello (bottled chunks of tuna), buzzonaglia, lattume (longer, thick strips), smoked tuna, bottarga (dried and cured roe), garum (a kind of offal paté) … Then there’s their selection of anchovies, mackerel, grouper, swordfish, octopus and squid (also available in creams and patés). They have an assortment of salts, sauces and mixes (for example with certified cherry and datterini tomatoes), pestos and ready-made sauces. There are also wines, extra-virgin olive oils, various types of pasta, Modica chocolate, honey, candies and preserves, various dried fruits, and much more. You can even customize your own elegant gift packages.

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