This was Italy’s first chocolate factory. In 1826 Paolo Caffarel and his son had the brilliant idea of buying an old factory near Porta Susa, in Turin, and starting to manufacture chocolate there. In 1865, another intuition led to the creation of the gianduiotto. The Caffarels experimented with a new recipe that cut down the percentage of cocoa and increased the amount of hazelnuts, which abound in Piedmont. After 150 years the Caffarel gianduiotto still requires a high percentage of PGI Piedmont hazelnuts, mixed with the world’s top cocoa and then extruded. It is no longer made by hand but with a machine designed specifically for the company and with the same rigorous attention to raw materials. Besides the classic and dark chocolate gianduiotto, there is the nocciolotto cube of gianduia and hazelnut; the Gentile hazelnut crisp; and the artisanal pralines. In 1997 Caffarel was acquired by Lindt & Sprüngli AG, but the confectionery company based in Luserna San Giovanni, retains its autonomy and its brand and product identity.

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