Eugenio Cademartori opened his first dairy in Introbio, in Valsassina, in 1882. Since then production traditions have remained intact, as proved by the fact that cheese is still ripened in natural caves at Introbio. Taleggio cheese, from a native lactic ferment and salted by hand, was launched in 1923 thanks to Guido Cademartori, who took over the family business. In 1957 production was transferred to Società Lattiera di Certosa di Pavia, in the heart of the Po Valley, to optimize the milk collection cycle. In the early 2000s, the company joined the French group Lactalis and, eight years later, the Lactalis Italia holding was set up to include Cademartori, Galbani, Invernizzi, Locatelli and Président. The cademartori label products include PDO Quartirolo, PDO Taleggio goat and sheep cheeses, caciotta, provolone and other specialities.

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