Ca.Bre. is an acronym for Casearia Bresciana, a cooperative founded in 1954 by 18 farmers who decided to collect milk from a number of small farms around the Brescia plains and transform it into cheeses. Today they deal with about 70,000 tons of milk, producing 70,000 units of PDO Grana Padano and 3,000,000 kg of PDO Valpadana Provolone (both sweet and sharp). The milk is sourced from their members and outside suppliers, but all within the areas provided for by production regimes. Moreover, using foreign milk (primarily from Bavaria), they produce the Leonessa, a hard cheese similar to grana that ages for a minimum of 18 months. For years Ca.Bre has been involved in food quality and safety. Today it continues to invest in innovation, both when it comes to equipment and production processes, and to support farmers, thus guaranteeing that the milk used is high quality.

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