C.C.OR.A.V. – Consorzio Cooperativo Ortofrutticolo Alto Viterbese

C.C.OR.A.V. is a consortium that brings together five farm cooperatives from six municipalities in central Italy (Lago di Bolsena, Tuscany and Umbria). It’s an area famous for its legumes, thanks to its volcanic, potassium-rich soil. The more than 600 farmers involved provide the consortium with pearled spelt, a variety of beans (fagiolo del Purgatorio, borlotto, ciavattone, della stoppia, cannelino and verdolino), Valentano chickpeas, Onano lentils, black chickpeas and, most importantly, potatoes (Alto Viterbese PGI, Alta Tuscia, red and purple varieties). They also sell a variety of bottled legumes, excellent Proceno red garlic (a pungent type of garlic that has myriad health benefits) and Jerusalem artichokes (white and red), recommended for those with celiac disease or diabetes. They also offer a range of interesting, alternative pasta varieties, with Senatore Cappelli wheat or chickpea flour, bronze wire-drawn into different shapes (penne, sedanini, fusilli, gnocchetti sardi …)

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