In 1827 enterprising Giulia Boninsegni Buitoni and her husband opened a small production facility in the square of Sansepolcro. The pasta was made with durum wheat from Puglia, which was practically unknown at the time. In 1856 her son opened another pasta business in Città di Castello and the company became suppliers to the Savoy House, but the turning point came in 1861 with Giovanni Buitoni who began the production of gluten-rich pasta, a new dietary speciality. Advertising, praise and commitment to social issues continued the long story of this company whose products include today: bread substitutes (crackers and rusks), liquid and ready bases, pizzas, snacks, pesto and sauces, traditional filled pastas, ready meals, frozen foods (La Valle degli Orti). Buitoni is part of the swiss multinational Nestlé for frozen foods and sauces, whereas for pastas and bakery products refers to italian group Newlat.

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