Brazzale, Italy’s oldest dairy producer, has been active continuously since 1784. Over more than 130 years and at least 8 generations of family, the family and their product range has diversified, from Vicenza butter (their historic mainstay) to grana padano and taleggio cheeses, mascarpone, pressed cheeses and pasta filata, sweet and sharp provolone, mozzarella and scamorza, which became part of production when Brazzale merged with the Zaupa family’s Zogi in 2002. This Zané (Veneto) company is also producing exclusive and eco-friendly cheeses. Gran Moravia, a grana created in 2003, is produced in the Czech Republic in a joint venture with Litovel’s Orrero (which is controlled by the Brazzale family), while the Verena, created in 2007, is a pressed cheese made with mountain cows’ milk. Their other pressed cheeses include their Asiago and Montasio.

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