Founded in 1947, from the outset Botalla managed to establish itself as a leader among local cheese-makers. Today the producer is managed by siblings Andrea, Simona and Stefano Bonino, along with their father Sandro and mother Maria Teresa. The milk used comes from the nearby mountains and is worked in any of four facilities. It is then aged in natural cellars (that can hold up to 100,000 units) for a period of 60 to 120 days. The constant microclimate in which the cheeses are brushed, turned and worked, one on top of the other along wooden boards, brings out their peculiarities. There are latteria cheeses, toma cheeses, maccagno cheeses, the ‘sbirro’ (made with Menabrea beer), the ImBufalita (the first aged cheese made entirely of Buffalo milk). There are both aged cheeses and fresh ones, cheeses made with goat’s milk and sheep’s milk, as well as the vegetarian ‘Veggy’. Finally, don’t forget about the delightful ‘Botallini’, bite-sized cheese balls in oil (no conservatives!), available in a variety of natural flavors (truffle, peperoncino chili, aromatic herbs…)

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