Bonaventura Maschio

Cismon del Grappa, late 1800s, the Maschio family cultivates the land and distills grappa on their alembic cart. It is a time of terrible poverty, so the family emigrates. Then, in the early 1900s, grandson Bonaventura develops the distillation into a business and everyone in Gaiarine talks about his stills and his methods. Walking the tightrope of tradition and innovation, in the 1980s the company grew, under the leadership of Italo, inventor of the famous Prime Uve, an aquavit of the finest white prosecco and riesling grapes, distilled under vacuum at low temperature, so as to preserve the original aromas and the sensory experience, reaping remarkable success even beyond national borders. Next up were Prime Uve Nere, from red grapes, above all cabernet and refosco; then Prime Uve Oro, from white bianche di collina, aged in oak kegs. The company also produces orange aquavit, Amaro Pratum (from herbs grown by a protected Friuli oasis), other types of grappa and a small line of Charmat-method prosecco.

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