Founded in 2007 by Giovanni Campari and Manuel Piccoli in the birthland of Giuseppe Verdi, early on Birrificio del Ducato carved out a place among Italy’s top breweries. Their ‘field’ research of ingredients (malts, hops, yeasts etc.), which is nothing short of excellent, together with their passion and continued development has allowed them to achieve a high level of quality, and their success has attracted the attention of multinational producers. In 2017 Giovanni decided to partner with the large Belgian group Duvel Moortgat, which is comprised of brewing companies from various countries. It’s a move that has further consolidated an international presence that began with their three The Italian Job pubs in London. They make more than 20 different kinds of beer, subdivided across three production lines: Stile, Ricerca and Tempo. If the first is characterized by the balanced use of hops, Ricerca revisits a more classic style, while Tempo features those beers that mature for longer, often in wood barrels.

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